Beauty Lesson N°2

Estime et Sens leçon de beauté n°2 minceur et fermeté

Motives may be various : a search for more firmness, an action on a targeted area, an improvement of the skin aspect.

More and more women integrate slimming products in their skin care habits –  and that not from April to July only !

Indeed, slimness is a daily struggle !

1. prepare your skin

Body Scrub 2 in 1

Exfoliates & softens

So as to make dead cells disappear, stimulate blood circulation in the skin and favour the slimming product penetration in the skin tissues. 

Scrub the whole body in an invigorating way with circular motions from the bottom-up once a week, for a smooth and soft effect on your skin!

2. choose the proper product

Cream, oil…  Choose the product that you will enjoy applying most (since regularity is what really matters). Nonetheless, be aware that all the formulas haven’t the same ability on skin tissues.


A genuine catalyst with its ultra-penetrating texture, the organic body oil very deeply and continuously releases a concentrate of active ingredients.  5 times more concentrated in active ingredients than a slimming cream or gel, the oil can be used alone or as a support to make the cream sink in the skin more easily.  From the ankles to the bottom of the neck, it will fight against water retention but also against lipid overweight. It brings a genuine “turbo” effect and the results can be felt.

The extra bonus if you are in a hurry:
Once applied on a slightly damp skin just after a shower, the organic body oil perfectly sinks in the skin and makes it smooth, supple, delicately perfumed and without greasy feeling.

Estime et Sens huile minceur bio pour le corps
Essence Of Esteem N°2

Full-body slimming purifying oil. Slimming booster.


That texture combines sensuous pleasure and effectiveness. An organic slimming cream attacks the lipid overweight located in the upper part of the body, for example in the arms, but also in the lower part as the waist, the hips, the belly and around the knees. It is easily applied, and it moisturizes and softens the skin while diffusing well-tested slimming active ingredients : green tea, guarana, caffeine, spirulina.

For an increased effect, apply the Multi Area 24h Slimming Cream just after the organic Oil Essence of Esteem N°2. The vegetal oils in the organic Oil Essence of Esteem N°2 will drive the Multi Area 24h Slimming Cream in the core of cellulite for even more effectiveness.

Estime et Sens crème minceur bio
Multi Area 24h Slimming Cream

Slimming cream for difficult areas


Gently start with circular motions on the skin in order to warm the epidermis up, and so prepare it to a more invigorating massage.

Keep on massaging with small palpate-roll gestures, making the skin slip on one centimetre. Then gradually increase the pressure exerted by the fingers.

Doucement, commencez par masser la peau en mouvements circulaires afin de réchauffer l’épiderme et de le préparer à un massage plus tonique.

Continuez par de mini palper-rouler, en faisant glisser la peau sur un centimètre. Augmentez ensuite progressivement la pression des doigts.

Don’t forget, what really matters is regularity !

Massage yourself every day, morning and evening if possible, with your organic slimming care product. Make the active ingredients sink in for 5 to 10 minutes, which is the ideal time to oxygenate the skin tissues and improve blood circulation.

Effective doesn’t mean miraculous !
The use of one or more organic slimming products must be combined with a balanced food diet and a regular physical activity.

It is better
even if...

– You apply an organic slimming product on a daily basis all year long. During winter, it will prevent the negativve effects of wearing pantyhoses, that give a slimmer look but favour the installation of cellulite.

– Drink enough – at least 1,5L of water every day or, even better, a draining drink or herbal tea. A good hydration prevent body cells from storing water.

Estime et Sens boisson drainante bio
Organic Draining Drink

This 100% organic draining drink will be the ally of your figure.

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