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Our story
take care of others

A Story
of passion

I have always been passionate about fragrances. At school, when time came to decide what to do next, I was dreaming of becoming a “nose” and contemplated working for a perfume house. Even though I had taken major in sciences, chemistry wasn’t definitely my strong point. Guided by the wish to take care of others, I quickly found my way into esthetics.

After finishing school with my “Baccalaureat” , I therefore started my studies at the esthetic school , supported by my father, who was a teacher ! I still remember his reaction when I announced to him my decision : “If all my students were as motivated as you, I would be the happiest teacher !”
To please my parents, I then continued with two-year advanced technical degree in esthetiscs. However, I agreed under a condition : to work simultaneously in a perfumery store. It was a fantastic reveal for me ! I fell in love with luxury, perfumes, brands, and sequin world … and I realised I had found my way.

At the end of my studies, I continued and entered ” Ecole des Créateurs parfumeurs”(ISIPCA) founded by Jean-Jacques Guerlain, in Versailles (France). I worked then for 4 years for this prestigious and renowned fragrance compagny as host-beauty trainer. I was then appointed manager of a large perfumery chain in Nantes and then became Commercial Director for about 50 stores.

A Story
of desire

A dozen years later, the question of what I really wanted in life came to me. The answer didn’t surprise me, it was exactly the same as twenty years earlier: taking care of others. I had acquired a lot of experience in cosmetics and perfumery, and it was time to start a new venture. I needed to find meaning and to give life to my values.

In May 2009, with my wife, Nathalie, we created our own brand of organic skincare products, Estime & Sens. At that time, the demand for organic products was there, but the products were not yet finished. There was real room for improvement in the texture of the creams, their fragrance and their effectiveness. We then identified a French laboratory that was a forerunner in the field in order to offer high-end organic skincare products at the right price. I kept for myslef the ultimate pleasure of selecting all the scents, exclusively of natural origin, of all my products.

Estime et Sens La marque Une histoire d'envie

A Human

Our first sales took place in our lounge with our friends! But very quickly, rather than selling direct to consumers, we made the choice to sell through the beauty institutes.

As a beautician, I know how essential personalised advice is. What is the best treatment worth without listening to the customer, making a skin diagnosis, and without the expertise of a professional?

Today, more than 1 000 beauty institutes & spas in France and worldwide trust us. Estime & Sens also employs fifteen people, almost all of whom are from the beauty industry.
We invite you to continue this beautiful adventure with us…

Taking care of others by offering high-end organic cosmetic products at the right price.

Our values

Estime & Sens carries our deepest values.

We are convinced that making a person beautiful is first and foremost about strengthening her/his self-esteem. With our own way, we want to help men and women take care of themselves.
That’s why we have created high-quality products that are healthy, effective and pleasant to use, and that invite you on a unique sensory journey.

By conviction, we have chosen organic products: respect for health and nature is, for us, a non-negotiable value.
But we also want our products to be accessible to all.

All these requirements are the result of the deep respect we owe to each of you.

Taking care of others is indeed at the heart of our business. It is also for this reason that we donate part of our profits to the development of socio-aesthetics in hospitals, particularly in cancerology. We know the fundamental, and ultimately therapeutic, interest of aesthetic care for a sick person.

These commitments give meaning to our daily life and push us, every day, to do our best to take care of you.

Our Eco-Responsible Approach

Estime et Sens illustration fleur

Our Active Ingredients

Committed to an eco-responsible approach, we are aware of the impact of our choices and seek to improve every day a little more.

Our products are Ecocert certified and have the Cosmébio label. They are manufactured in two laboratories in Brittany.

Our suppliers (packaging) are located in the Nantes region, in the southwest of France and in Italy.

The vast majority of our active ingredients are grown in France. But others come from a little further away. This is the case of our argan oil produced in Morocco. We are uncompromising about their quality, the way they are produced and, of course, their organic certification.

Packaging Choices
Respectful of the environment

Our packaging has evolved a lot since we started. It is fully in line with this eco-responsibility approach.
We have replaced the large purple solid on our first containers with a more ink-efficient, clean gray and white logo.

We have put an informative cartridge on all our packaging to facilitate sorting.
We use recycled paper and plastic.
We only sell what is necessary and we offer refillable pods to slip into the jars.
The glass we use is designed to be as thin as possible without being more fragile.

These choices allow us to propose products of a very high quality, respectful of health and nature, and at the most reasonable price. We can still do better, rest assured that we are committed to it.

solution peeling active
Doux démquillant yeux bi-phasé
Huile aérienne avec citron et bergamote


« The ideal of estime&sens is to make healthy, effective, high quality and nature-friendly beauty products accessible to as many people as possible.

Contributing to the physical and psychological well-being improvement of sick people, helping them recover their self-esteem and fully become actor of their own healing that way, is totally embedded in that ideal.

So as to make it concrete, we decided to donate a part of our sales profits to socio-aesthetic services existing in some hospitals. It is our way to support those who are ill, to bring them some comfort, a kind of ease, and help them in their struggle ».

With socio-participation, estime&sens is committed to promoting the development of socio-aesthetics in the French Western Oncology Institute René Gauducheau in Nantes.

Yann Maurel-Loré,

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