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Beauty Lesson N°12

Estime et Sens Leçon de beauté 12 : les eaux de soin


The skincare waters are beauty mists that refresh and perfume the skin. With that beauty ritual, plunge into a soothing and enveloping olfactory atmosphere while delicately moisturising your skin.

1. ONE SKINCARE, one result

Like real veil of softness and feminity for the body, they moisturise, refresh and tickle your senses.
They combine hydrating glycerin and extract of nourishing cotton seed. Two active ingredients that will together bring both freshness and softness. They will guarantee a delicately moisturised skin, which is particularly valuable in midsummer.
The pleasure to perfume oneself on bare skin. Their formulas without any synthetic agent have no photosensitive active ingredient so as to be worn under the sun without fear.

2. ONE GESTURE, one ritual

To be sprayed whenever one feels like it during the day! Even if the best way to take advantage of all their invigorating power still is to spray the body mist into the palm of the hand and rub it on your body, just after showering. A step that is too often overlooked though it is unique as far as stimulating both body and mind is concerned.

ONE PERFUME, one story

A perfume is defined by its olfactory pyramid.

Head notes : notes that immediately stream around, the first ones to be smelt… Lasting 3 to 5 min.

Heart notes : intimate notes of the perfume, that appear after head notes, they are responsible for making you love a particular perfume. Lasting 4 to 5 h.

Base Notes : notes that guarantee a perfume’s persistency and sensuality. Lasting 6 h and more.

When choosing its notes, the perfume designer determines the character and the intensity of the desired fragrance. A perfume somehow tells a story that is passed on to the woman or the man who will wear it…

eaux de soin sur drap et citron


Estime et Sens eau de soin bio vert mandarine
Skincare Water "Vert Mandarine"
Perfumes and hydrates in a single step

SKINCARE WATER – green mandarin

« This tonifying and stimulating mist acts as a true Proust’s madeleine. It reminds of childhood afternoon tea and the enchanting scent of the mandarin peel.» Yann MAUREL – LORE, CEO of Estime&Sens .

Green tangerine peels – Bitter notes

Orange blossom petals – Mandarin tree’s green leaves

Vanilla – Mosses

Estime et Sens eau de soin bio Soleil de Nuit
SKINCARE WATER - "Soleil de nuit"

Perfumes and hydrates* in a single step.


A tribute to the movie « White Nights » in which I discovered Mikhaïl BARYCHNIKOV and Isabella ROSSELLINI for the first time whenI was 15. The incongruity of the sun in the night reminds me of the contrast between darkness and light, between warmth of the day and the freshness of the night. But the impossibility to combine day and night at the same time and place inspired me to create this fragrance. The contrast between its fresh, sparkling notes and its warm and sensual notes allows to wear it either during the day or at night.
Yann MAUREL-LORÉ – CEO of estime&sens

– Lemon zests, bergamot pulp
– Neroli flower, fresh roses, aromatic accents
– Amber vanilla, precious wood

It is even
better if…

– After sports, on summer mornings, during heat waves, apply the Skincare Water “Vert Mandarine”, the fresh and citrus notes will have an invigorating and stimulating effect !

– During your long summer evenings, after a day in the sun and a revitalising shower, you will wear the Skincare Water “Soleil de nuit” that will envelop you in its flowery and sensual fragrances.

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