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Leçon de beauté n°12 : le secret d'un regard éclatant


Not only does removing makeup allows to eliminate traces of makeup but also pollution and excess sebum on skin.  Removing makeup without meticulousness leads to dull complexion, tight-feeling skin, puffy eyes and wrinkles that become deeper at top speed.
Meticulously cleaning your skin and removing makeup with care is the first essential step to keep a beautiful skin.

Cleaning your skin and removing makeup with care  is the first essential step to keep a beautiful skin.

1. lips, eyes, face

Estime et Sens lait démaquillant bio douceur
Gentle Cleansing Milk
Very gentle cleansing milk


Even to overcome the most pigmented lipsticks, removing makeup must remain an ultra-gentle and non-irritating gesture. To do so, start with removing lipstick excess with a paper tissue. Then, put a pearl-size drop of organic cleansing milk on a cotton pad. After having folded it several times so as to make the milk sink in the cotton wool, gently wipe the lips without rubbing.

Estime&sens lait tendre bio
Soft Cleansing Milk

Cleansing milk Ultra-light texture

Soft and matt skin


Take some organic cleansing milk on a cotton pad, fold it in half several times so as to make the milk sink in the cotton wool, gently put the cotton pad on your closed eyelid in order to soak the lashes with product. After 3 seconds, make the cotton slide from top-down without ever rubbing the lashes from left to right. Start again several times if necessary.

Estime et Sens nectar démaquillant bio
Minutie Make up removing Nectar
Make up removing jelly oil


The proper gesture to remove make-up consists in applying the organic cleansing milk on the whole face and emulsifiy with the flesh of fingertips so as to take all the impurities off, oxygenate the skin tissues and make all the micro-tensions disappear. Start with the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) by making small circular motions from the centre of the face outward, then end up with the cheeks without forgetting the neck.


Over time, the area around the mouth may get marked with small vertical wrinkles around the lips. That gentle gesture of make-up removal, associated with an organic cleansing milk, will contribute to hydrate and soften that fragile area.


In order to delay the appearance of inelegant fine lines, every two days after make-up removal, take a pearl-size drop of organic Instant Radiance Scrub and make 3 small circles around the lips.

This exfoliating gesture will effectively stimulate the skin. In addition to that, adopt the habit of applying an organic mouth contour care in your beauty routine. That will only take a few seconds but the result will quickly prove to be rewarding: you will smoothen and plump up the small fine lines already there, you will delay the first signs of aging and you will keep a well-outlined as well as plumped and smooth lips.

Estime et Sens gommage visage bio
Instant Radiance Scrub
Exfoliating emulsion with 3 types of scrubbing particles

3. the lotion, a skincare step

Estime et Sens lotion bio visage douceur
Gentle Lotion

Moisturising and soothing skincare lotion

The lotion neutralizes the effects of hard water.

After having removed makeup with the organic cleansing milk, the lotion will wipe the excess off, complete the makeup removal and, if the organic lotion contains glycerin (as it is the case for any estime & sens lotion) prepare the skin to receive the products to come afterward and allow them to penetrate more easily.

Estime&sens lait tendre bio
Tender Lotion
Radiance lotion, all skin types

The application of an organic lotion refines makeup removal by giving the feeling of a fresh and perfectly clean skin. 

The organic estime&sens lotions are chosen according to the expected result : softening, calming, invigorating, giving radiance, purifying… It is a genuine skincare.

4. double make-up removal

This step consists in going further than the use of a cleansing milk by using an organic rinse-off cleanser in order to rid the skin of the last oily traces.

A perfectly clean skin will boost the efficiency of the face care routine.

Gel bonjour-bonsoir estime et sens
Face Cleansing Gel "Bonjour Bonsoir"
Rinse-off cleansing gel
It is even
better if...

– You take advantage of that essential moment of the day to relax. Standing up, feet anchored to the ground, close your eyes and take 5 long belly breaths.  Gently blow while trying to empty your mind.

– Take time to self-massage your face, neck, back of the neck and trapezius muscles for a guaranteed sense of well-being!

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