Beauty Lesson N°8

Leçon de beauté n°


By choosing targeted organic care products and following these beauty hints, you will keep your skin’s radiance and smoothness up… At least until warmer days come back !

1. moisturizing

Estime et Sens crème hydratante bio
Sovereign Cream

Ultra-protective cream for dry to very dry skin

Estime et Sens huile hydratante bio visage et mains
Moisturizing Simplessence

Lipid-replenishing moisturising oil

Wind, cold, rain and snow contribute to skin dehydration, which is even more increased by the air made dry because of heatings in appartments, cars, public transportations and shops.

So you have to moisturize your face in the morning and in the evening, and you must not hesitate to resort to an organic cream that is richer or more moisturizing than usual.

You will enhance the protective effect of your organic skin care and obtain a feeling of sustainable comfort when applying an organic moisturizing serum before.

2. scrubbing

A skin that is already weakened must not be damaged any further with too aggressive exfoliations.

Nonetheless, they are necessary in order to rid the skin of dead cells and that way make the absorption of the moisturizing creams easier.

The Exfoliating Nectar Without Particles MINUTIE is an ideal way to clean, invigorate and detoxify skin without irritating it.

Your skin becomes smooth and clean, your complexion gets radiant.

Estime et Sens exfoliant bio sans grains
Exfoliating Nectar Without Particles

Your skin cleaned in the perfection

3. moisturizing and nourishing your body

Estime et Sens lait corps bio
Hydro-Tonic Body Milk

Moisturising and toning body milk

Estime et Sens baume hydratant pour le corps bio
Sovereign Balm

Reparative balm for the body and damaged zones : hands, feet, elbows, etc.

The frictions of your clothes contribute to dry your body skin too.

Take some time to apply an organic moisturizing milk or an organic body oil when you step out of the shower.

The weakened, rough or dry skin areas deserve the application in light massages of a particularly rich and repairing organic nourishing balm.

4. preserve your hands

Hands are particularly sensitive to skin cracks and frequent handwashings don’t help.

First instruction, forget about harsh soaps (antibacterial type) and use a mild soap (with shea butter or sweet almond oil for instance).

Secondly, regularly apply an organic repairing nourishing balm all year long, and all the more in the evening when going to bed.

Estime et Sens
Ideal Hand Cream

Moisturizing and anti-aging hand cream

5. protecting your lips

Estime et Sens soin des lèvres hydratant bio
Moisturizing Lip Repair

Moisturizing lip repair and anti-wrinkle lip contour care

Estime et Sens sérum anti-âge bio nourrissant
Anti-Aging Simplessence

Anti-ageing morning and /or night nourishing oil

Always have in your pocket an organic moisturizing lip balm and apply it as often as necessary in order to prevent your lips from itching, drying and cracking.

In the evening and in the morning, massage your lips with an organic vegetal oil. On top of nourishing the mucous membrane’s delicate skin, the oil will gently remove all the small dry dead skins.

Your lips will be beautiful and plump.

It is even
better if...

– You use protective gloves for household chores.

– You humidify indoors : a humidity level of 30 degrees is recommended. Use a humidifier or set a container full of water straight on the heatings.

– You remember to keep yourself hydrated. Take advantage of the organic comforting and soothing herbal tea estime&sens to drink at least 1,5L throughout the day.

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