Beauty Lesson N°7

Estime et Sens leçon de beauté n°7 Prendre soin de votre bouche


It also is one of the most delicate ones because, contrary to the rest of the face, the area around the lips produces few sebum.

As for the lips, they are made of particularly sensitive and vulnerable mucous membranes, subject to the painful as well as disgraceful effects of cold, sun and dehydration.

A beautiful mouth is a sign of beauty, let us dwell for a moment on a few steps that allow to sustainably take care of it.

1. removing make up

Estime et Sens lait démaquillant bio douceur
Gentle Cleansing Milk

Very mild, non-greasy cleansing milk

Estime et Sens lait démaquillant bio tendre
Soft Cleansing Milk

Cleansing milk Ultra-light texture

For soft and mattified skin

Even to overcome the most pigmented lipstick, removing makeup must remain an ultra-gentle and non-irritating step.

To do so, nothing better than a pearl-size drop of organic cleansing milk on a cotton pad.

After having folded it several times so as to make the milk soak the cotton wool, gently wipe the lips without rubbing them.

2. scrubbing

No fine lines on men’s mouth contours for whom shaving is like a regular mechanical exfoliation!

Women also have their own solution to delay the appearance of those very small wrinkles: the application of an organic grainy scrub every two days.

A light massage around the lips is enough to eliminate dead cells, to invigorate and preserve this face area’s youth.

Scrubbing is also advised to overcome the small dead skin cells that appear around dry lips, for a guaranteed “plumping” effect!

Estime et Sens gommage visage bio
Instant Radiance Scrub

Three-grain emulsion scrub

3. hydrate and nourish

Estime et Sens soin des lèvres hydratant bio
Moisturizing Lip Repair

Moisturizing lip repair and anti-wrinkle lip contour care

Estime et Sens sérum anti-âge bio nourrissant
Anti-Aging Simplessence

Anti-ageing morning and /or night nourishing oil

In the morning and all day long, regularly moisturize your lips with the organic Moisturizing Nectar.

In the evening, massage the nectar while insisting on the lips contour so as to make it sink in the skin. It will effectively delay the appearance of fine lines.

After the age of 40, and in order to have a repairing effect if the skin is very dry, don’t hesitate to repeat the same moves with a drop of the organic Anti-ageing face oil Simplessence.

With a few applications only, the mouth contour’s smoothness will be sustainably restored.

The extra bonus : When applied on lipsticked lips, the organic Moisturizing Nectar brings comfort, protection and radiance.

4. treat

The same way as you will use en eye contour care as soon as the first small signs of time appear in the corners of your eyes, adopt the use of an organic mouth contour care in your beauty routine.

This will only take a few seconds but the result will very quickly turn out to be rewarding : you will smooth and plump up the fine lines already there, delay the signs of skin-ageing, and keep a well-defined mouth contour as well as smooth and plump lips.

The extra bonus : When applied as a base on the mucous membrane and around the lips, the organic anti-ageing care SUBLIMESSENCE Lips has a fixative effect on lipstick.

Estime et Sens soin contour des lèvres liftant bio
Sublime Lips

Lifting and plumping lip contour care

It is even
better if...

– You don’t smoke ! The “O-shaped” mouth position combined with tobacco’s noxious fumes boost fine lines formation around the mouth and the early skin-ageing of this face area.

– You take care of you lips all year long because the sun, air conditioning and pollution can trigger the same inconveniences as cold weather.

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