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Beauty Lesson N°6

Estime et Sens Leçon de beauté 6 : le secret d'un beau décolleté

Without being as delicate as face skin, the one on the bust (the cutaneous envelope going from the chin to the nipples) is constantly strained (hormonal balance, breast weight, bra fiction, sporting moves, etc.).

The cleavage is also exposed to sunrays – causing early skin ageing – and is often less protected than the face.

Consequently it is very important to take care of that part of the body for its upkeep and its beauty.

estime&sens gives you 4 essential hints to have a pretty bust :

1. skin scrubbing

Estime et Sens gommage bio pour le corps
Body Scrub 2 in 1

Exfoliates & softens

Breasts always are better-looking when skin is satin-like.

Once a week, scrub your bust with gentle bottom-up circular moves thanks to the organic Body Scrub 2-1.

Scrubbing allows to eliminate dead cells and consequently it will immediately bring skin radiance.

It will reinvigorate the epidermis and prepare it to receive the hydrating, nourishing or tensing cares.

2. bust mask

After skin scrubbing, let your cleavage enjoy the benefits of the organic Express Moisturizing Mask.

It will have an immediate smoothing effect.

Not only it is a good weekly habit to get but also a nice beauty hint before putting a low-necked evening dress on.

Express Moisturizing Mask

Blue gel mask

3. care

Moisturizing and nourishing are the secret to a beautiful skin.

Every day after showering (and this all year long, not when you decide to take off a layer only), apply the organic Hydro-Tonic Body Milk or the organic body oils Essence of Esteem Harmonie or Absolue Douceur in a large 8-shaped move.

In order to maximize the results, mix a few doses of the organic body oils Essence of Esteem with the organic Hydro-Tonic Body Milk.

The oils’ active ingredients will combine with the milk’s ones for an increased effect. The oil, playing a real conveying role, will help the active ingredients to sink in deeply.

Day after day, your bust gets better shaped, and your skin texture more velvety.

Estime et Sens huile corporelle bio
Essence Of Esteem Harmonie

Elixir of relaxation for the body and mind.

Estime et Sens lait corps bio
Hydro-Tonic Body Milk

Moisturising and toning body milk

Estime et Sens huile hydratante bio corps et cheveux
Essence Of Esteem Absolue Douceur

Universal oil – full body

4. the final touch

Apply a few drops of the organic Beautifying and Glittering Body Oil Essence of Esteem Luminessence on your cleavage while insisting on the breast curves.

They will look better shaped and it will enhance your skin’s beauty with a light tan and iridiscent effect.

Estime et Sens huile pailletée corps bio
Essence Of Esteem Luminessence

Tanning & glittering

It is even
better if...

– You prefer showers to hot baths. Finish your shower by spraying your bust with a jet of fresh water: immediate tightening effect!

– You apply SPF30 sunscreen as soon as you are exposed to the sun (lunch in the sun, gardening, walks). In summer, at the beach, switch to minimum protection SPF50 to protect the entire bust.

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