Beauty Lesson N°10

Estime et Sens Leçon de beauté n°10 : concentrés de solution


The  Solution Concentrates combine the penetrating property of Vegetal Oils, the power of Essential Oils and the benefits of aromatherapy.

It is THE new reflex one must have to significantly improve skin beauty.

A promise kept thanks to the composition of 4 superpowered cocktails that rely on 100% active formulas combining natural and/or certified ingredients that have rigorously been selected for their might and their synergy.

1. purifying

Estime et Sens sérum purifiant bio
N°1 - Purify

Oily skin and/or with imperfections


Ultra-concentrated, that regulating product purifies the most oily skins, helps them recover their balance and visibly blur excessive glows, blemishes, blackheads…

Organic jojoba oil : non-oily and absorbent, ideal for a dry touch effect

Organic hazelnut oil : rich in phytosterols, repairing and soothing

Organic Nigella oil : purifying, rich in vitamin E, anti free-radical carotenoids, iron and phosphorus

Organic essential geranium oil : purifying, cleansing

Organic essentiel palmarosa oil : purifying and cleansing blemished skins

Organic essential niaouli oil : Purifying

Vitamin E : Antioxydant

2. Anti-fatigue


After a bad night’s sleep or in prevention of a short night to come, here undoubtedly is the most efficient solution to blur any sign of tiredness.

Dull complexion and lack of radiance surrender to that ultra-concentrated skin care which give your face a genuine radiance boost.

Organic sunflower oil : Moisturizing*

Organic apricot kernel oil : Brings radiance

Organic camelina oil : Soothing, repairing

Organic palmarosa essential oil : Speeds skin tissue regeneration up

Organic carrot extract : Rich in provitamin A, beautifying complexion

Organic beta-carotene : boosts suntan

Vitamin E : Antioxydant

Estime et Sens sérum anti-fatigue bio
N°2 - Illuminate

Dull complexion / tiredness / lack of sleep

3. brightening

Estime et Sens sérum anti-tache bio
N°3 - Brightening

100% ACTIVE COCKTAIL : Irregular pigmentatoin face & hands


Autumn / winter is the ideal season to blur pigmentary spots. Ultra-concentrated, that product – which can be used any time of the year-visibly lightens face and skin pigmentary spots.

Organic musk rose oil : Regenerating, repairing, preventing skin spots

Sunflower oil : Moisturizing*

Organic lavander essential oil : Repairing, soothing, helping to induce sleep

Undecylenoyl phenylalanine : Protein coming from castor beans, naturally found in the skin and inhibiting melanogenesis.

Sacred lotus extract: Smoothening and brightening thanks to its astringent effect

Vitamin E : Antioxydant

4. soothing


Already subject to diffuse redness, skins prone to rosacea or sensitive skins are even more exposed in winter and when cold dilates blood vessels.

For those skins, this concentrated product soothes, calms and blurs redness thanks to its highly soothing formula that will generally delight the most delicate skins.

Sunflower oil : Moisturizing

Organic sweet almond oil : Emolliating, softening, smoothening, soothing

Organic Lavander essential oil : Repairing, soothing, helping to induce sleep

Camelina oil : increasing the natural protection of the skin, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing

Geranium flower essential oil : Anti-inflammatory, astringent, antibacterial

Organic calendula flower extract : Soothing, smoothening, calming, minimizing skin discomfort

Pink pepper extract : Immediate effect that keeps working for one hour on blood microcirculation, making skin lose its pinkness

Vitamin E : Antioxydant

Estime et Sens sérum anti-rougeur bio
N°4 - Soothe

SOS PRODUCT Fragile skin and pink blotches

«small but mighty»

Estime et Sens sérum anti-tache bio
N°1 - Purify

Oily skin and/or with imperfections

Small bottle – 9ml

The dropper format of Solution Concentrates allows accurate dosage.

Put 1 to 3 drops into the palm of your hand and then evenly or locally spread on your face.

Avoid eye contours.

Use it occasionally or as a treatment and every time your skin demands it. Beneath day and/or night care, apply it in the morning and/or in the evening.

Then close tightly your Solution Concentrate vial to keep intact the properties of the oils inside it.

Application : 

– once a day : 2 month treatment.

twice a day : 1 month treatment.

Competent advice and personalized
Face care

Before your face care, your beautician makes a skin diagnosis and advises you about the product that best meets your needs.

All the estime&sens Face Cares include 1 or 2 applications of Solution Concentrates, according to your concerns.

Integral part of the Bio Active, Bio Expert or Sublime care protocols, their effectiveness is maximized and their penetrating power is increased when applied before a face modeling mask or a specific one.

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