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Azelaic acid

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, it regulates the keratinisation process.

Kukui oil

principe actif huile de kukui

Calming and soothing, also used for its restructuring properties thanks to its high content in omega 6

Pumpkin seed oil

principe actif huile de pépins de courges

Nourishes, regenerates, brings suppleness to the skin. Rich in vitamin E, a natural antioxidant

Sea buckthorn berry oil

Powerful anti-aging with antioxidant, regenerating and calming actions thanks to its vitamin E and carotenoid content.

Bidens pilosa

principe actif bidens pilosa

It mimics the anti-wrinkle and antioxidant actions of retinol without its irritating effects


fleur de lupin blanc

Made from sweet white lupin seeds, they fight against the loss of firmness and elasticity.



They form a barrier against moisture loss and external aggressions.


extrait de propanédiol issu du mais

Produced from the fermentation of corn sugar, it has moisturizing and humectant properties.


L-lysine poudre blanche

Provides a smooth, soft and silky touch.

Triethyl citrate


Inhibits the enzymatic decomposition of sweat to prevent odor formation.

Acérola en

principe actif acérola

Riche en vitamine C, il renouvelle l’éclat et apporte un effet bonne mine.en


Principe actif romarin camphré

Prepares the muscle for the effort, improves joint comfort and muscle contraction.


Principe actif arnica

Calms and soothes pain and bruises.

Bergamot pulp

Principe actif bergamote

Calming, it soothes the spirits thanks to its delicate perfume. The Bergamot pulp cleanses the air while bringing relaxation and good mood.

Mandarin zests

Principe actif orange

Relaxing and soothing, invite to relaxation. With their tonic scent , they are traditionally used to aid digestion.