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Three-grain emulsion scrub

Moisturising and soothing skincare lotion

Very mild, non-greasy cleansing milk

Silky preventive morning/night anti-ageing cream

Our latest news
Les solutions expertes 3 temps Visage & Corps

Le printemps arrive c'est le moment de prendre soin de soi et d'apporter des réponses spécifiques aux besoins de notre visage et notre corps.

Pour cela nous avons créé les solutions expertes 3 temps visage et corps 100% cosmétique Bio !

Pour le visage retrouvez 4 coffrets pour répondre à 4 problématiques spécifiques de peaux, toutes composées d'un Gommage Eclat Immédiat, un Concentré de Colution et un Masque spécifique à chacune des problématiques.

Pour le corps, le coffret spécial silhouette pour préparer son corps aux beaux jours et lui faire une détox d'après l'hiver !

Vite venez découvrir LA solution experte faite pour vous !

cosmétiques bio


TO BE and not seeming TO BE, in one's singularity and authenticity

Loving oneself & TO BE loved for that​​​​​​​

Here is the meaning that we give to each of our products. At estime&sens, we think that everyday actions such as removing make-up, applying a skincare cream, putting on a face mask … have an other dimension : connecting to oneself, taking care of oneself, respect oneself. As many intentions that nourish and make one's self-esteem grow. That is the essential reason why our products are entirely organic, why they are designed from concentrate active substances but without ever compromising with a very high demand of sensory quality. As for us, the pleasure of applying a product - the delicacy of a fragrance, the smoothness of a texture - is part of the final result. That pleasure is also to be discovered in beauty salons and spas with our exclusive professionnal cares, developped with the double aim of targeted effectiveness and deep relaxation, and performed by specially trained beauticians. Through them, we want to offer you appropriate advising and make you feel how important you are.

Our dream... Our dream is to hear you say, one day : "I am beautiful. I am well. I am myself"...