boisson beauté bio minceur

40gr paper bag

This 100% organic draining drink will be the ally of your figure.

Les principes actifs :
digestion aid
organic Vervain

Soothing and powefully relaxing, verbena is widely renowned as a support in case of stress and sleep disorders. It is regularly used as herbal tea for its calming and digestive virtues.

organic green tea

Thanks to its astringent and antioxidant properties, green tea eliminates impurities and cleanses the skin. Rich in tannins, it tightens up the pores and protects from skin sagging.

    Combined with regular physical exercise, with a balanced diet and with the use of slimming skincare products, this drink will help your body to drain and eliminate toxins and fat.

    Contains caffeine and theine.

    • Ingredients :

      Verbena*, Green tea*, Mate*, Meadowsweet*, Birch*, Hibiscus*, Mint*.

      100% of the total Ingredients are from organic farming

    Drop one pinch of plants per cup into boiling water (spring water recommended).

    Cover the cup in order to preserve the fl avors.

    Wait for 5 to 7 minutes for a better infusion.

    Filter and drink (sweeten preferably with honey)

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