Simplessence Hydratante

30 ml pump-action bottle

The organic moisturizing SIMPLESSENCE face serum suits every skin type and more particularly uncomfortable ones.

The moisturizing Simplessence contributes to a renewed skin radiance by helping it to hydrate and refresh.

Les principes actifs :
Organic olive oil

Gorgée d'acides gras essentiels et en riche en vitamines (A, C et D), elle adoucit, tonifie et revitalise la peau. Mais aussi, elle lutte contre les signes de l’âge, nourrit la peau et la protège

Sunflower oil

Les graines contiennent entre 40 et 65 % d’huile, et plus de 85 % d’acides gras essentiels. Elle est riche en acide linoléique entrant dans la composition des membranes cellulaires. Elle a des vertus hydratantes, régénérantes et restructurantes.

    This is the SOS product par excellence, to use on your face and/or hands whenever you think you need it.

    This simplessence, made notably with organic olive oil, which reduces skin tightness, dehydration and dryness, will help your skin to rehydrate* and rediscover its natural suppleness, with a fresh feeling provided by the mint fragrance.

    • INCI:

      Helianthus annuus seed oil (sunflower seed oil, huile de graines de tournesol)*, olea europaea fruit oil (olive fruit oil, huile d’olives)*, tocopherol (vitamine E), parfum (fragrance), d-limonene

      100% of the total ingredients are from natural farming

      98,5% of the total ingredients are from organic farming

      *ingredient from organic farming

      **made using organic ingredient

    As soon as you feel the need, massage 3 drops of Simplessence Hydratante into slightly damp skin on your face, avoiding the area around the eyes.Then 3 drops on the neck and neckline.

    If you apply this product in the morning, don’t forget to apply your usual cream afterwards, its effects will be boosted by the effect of the oil.

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