a beautiful and organic skin

Organic beauty on a daily basis goes with the combination of several key steps, from skin cleansing to using a protect cream with a targeted action.

Estime&sens offers a wide and full range of products for facial care.

It is made to address the needs of the most demanding skins, with a choice of products composed of natural and organic ingredients, selected for their efficiency.

For skin exfoliation, face masking, eye contouring or as a cosmetic serum, the whole range of our products for facial care can be used with full respect for your skin without ever having to favour organic qualities over refinement or efficiency.

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Make-up removers

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your skin cleaned in the perfection

Tous types de peau

Radiance & Moisturise

the first step to attractive skin

Anti-aging & Firmness

treatment to fight back

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Comforting & Soothing

Skin-repair treatments

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The expert care of mature skins

Peaux matures

Well beign & Beauty

Herbeal teas for your beauty

Tous types de peau

Our range of products for facial care is designed to become part of the everyday lives of demanding women who have chosen to trust organic cosmetic products in order to take care of themselves on a daily basis.

Organic beauty, as we see it at estime&sens, is an ally for refinement and efficiency.

Whether it be for a moisturizing cream, a face mask, a face exfoliation or an anti-ageing skin care, we make no concessions as for the galenic, the sensory qualities and the pleasure of use of our products.

So as to take care of myself today, why should I have to choose between organic beauty and pleasure of use ? Let’s dare to be at ease with the fact that we demand beauty AND organic products!

For every skin type, there is a customized solution. The power of vegetal oils allow us to protect the most sensitive skins, to nourish and feed the driest skins, to sublimate suntan or to regulate the hydrolipidic layer of any type of skin, be it a combination one to an oily one.

The history of our facial care products is deeply rooted in our will to respect your skin and in a careful selection of natural active ingredients that are both labelled and eco-certified to satisfy every skin type or specific needs.

Organic essential oils work on skin blemishes, pigment stains or diffused rednesses in a targeted way. A seaweed, a plant, a seed extract or a tree… Nature offers us an infinite variety of combinations that our laboratories thoroughly associate in order to reach the desired level of efficiency for each of our products.

We hope you will enjoy discovering our range of facial care products by navigating throughout our website, nonetheless as nothing can match human interaction, careful listening and personalised expert advice, we recommend you to visit your closest estime&sens beauty institute!