Taking care of oneself, improve self-esteem

Taking care of oneself means granting oneself a few seconds in the morning and/or in the evening to apply one’s body care product.

As an organic cosmetic brand, we selected the best vegetal oils with nourishing, repairing or revitalizing properties : our Essences of Esteem.

Available in 6 versions, each having their own properties, they are made to address the needs of dry or dehydrated skins.

Before a 2 in 1 body skin exfoliation, and combined with the essential hyrdo-tonic body milk or the iconic sovereign balm, our body care products will assist you in your beauty ritual on a daily basis.

Soft & Smooth

A moment for you

Tous types de peau

Nutrition & Light

Sublimate the effets of the sun

Tous types de peau

Slimming & Firmness

Optimise the result

Tous types de peau

The technical gestures to apply one’s body care product is a key element to improve one’s self-esteem.

Touching, feeling one’s skin texture is a way to get in touch with oneself on a daily basis.

By choosing an organic body care product, that approach is valued : I take care of myself, I choose my body moisturizing milk for its moisturizing properties, and not only do I select my vegetal oil for its nourishing action, but also because it respects my body and the environment around me.

In the estime&sens range of organic beauty products, we thoroughly select the fragrances, the textures and we pay particular attention to the galenic of our products.

Cosmetics is also about taking care of oneself, and we deem that organic cosmetics has to offer a pleasant range of body care products as well, both good-looking in the bathroom and pleasing to use every day.

You take care of yourself, of your environment, you like and enjoy using your estime&sens body care product, your skin gets moisturized, nurtured and silky... Then yes, our bet is won : you have managed to improve your self-esteem !

And we are more than pleased to assist you day after day.